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Sand and Refinish hardwood flooring

Sand and Refinish hardwood flooring

One of the advantages of purchasing hardwood flooring is that you can sand and refinish it after several years to restore it’s original luster.

There are 3 main times you would want to consider when sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors:

1) if the clear protective coating (finish) scratches or if the scratch goes below the coating to the wood itself.

2) if the stain of the hardwood lightens or fades

3) if you want to change the color of your hardwood

This process is best done with a professional..DIYers, however, should think twice. Experience definitely counts when it comes to a good floor refinishing job. Mistakes show up big time on wood flooring, and you may end up devaluing your home’s appearance rather than improving it.

The steps are:
move furniture completely out of rooms to be sanded
sand floors and either apply a stain or the first coat of finish
apply last coats of finish
install new shoe molding around edges

Generally speaking, an oil based finish will give your hardwood a nicer finish than a water based stain. Also it is generally stronger finish that a water based finish. Oil-based polys are the mainstay of floor finishing and widely used by professional finishers.

It is recommended to stay off your newly finished floors for at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours.

Couple of things to note: If you are thinking of a floating hardwood floor, please know that they cannot generally be sanded. Also be aware that certain engineered hardwood floors may not have a thick enough veneer to be sanded. These are things you want to be aware of prior to purchasing new hardwood floors.

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