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Choosing the Right Vacuum for Carpet Care and Maintenance

Keeping your carpet clean and fresh is important and it is even easy. The first thing is actually selecting the right vacuum and learning how to use it properly. This part is important in maintaining your carpet life. The main things you will need with cleaning you carpet will be cleaning solution and a vacuum cleaner. It is also important to make sure you are cleaning your carpet on a regular basis to keep your carpet looking beautiful for a long time.

Most vacuums with brushes that rotate with a suction are best in ensuring effective carpet maintenance. A good brand of carpet is Mohawk, it is a superior quality carpet that last for years, with the right maintenance of the carpet. Remember to always treat any spills immediately to help eliminate stains, the longer it sits it penetrates deeper into the carpet. For carpet that has been burned, remove the top layer that is burnt with small scissors. Do not pull loose carpet this can cause damage to your carpet. Shaw’s R2X stain and soil remover is a very good carpet cleaning solution, one of the most trusted for over 100 years by consumers. This cleaning solution removes deep soil from carpet fibers and pretty much any stain. Remember keeping your carpet clean is important to keeping your carpet looking beautiful and preventing buildup of soils. Vacuuming your carpet weekly, changing the vacuum bag and protecting it from spills will go a long way toward helping your new carpet keep its “new carpet” look longer.

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way in restoring your carpet. Their cleaning equipment and solutions is more powerful in extracting soil from carpet. They will also understand the proper way of cleaning your particular type of carpet. Most carpet manufactures require this to be done every 12 to 18 months as part of their warranty. With professional carpet cleaning systems it penetrates the carpet more, removing any soils that vacuums do not remove. This can be from dirt that has been tracked in, pollutions from cooking, and just air that circulates in your home. Carpet cleaning through hot water extraction system provides the best type of cleaning and brings back the color in your carpet. It is mainly called steam cleaning, even though stem is not really generated. It is basically applying cleaning solutions deep into the carpet fibers using water in its extractor in removing the soil from the carpet.

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