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Welcome to Bill’s blog. Here Bill will post about new products, upcoming trends, how-to’s, special pricing offers and more. Our goal is to help bring common sense information to assist you on your next flooring project! So tune in and please feel free to share your favorite blog post on Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the icons below each post.

Choosing the Right Vacuum for Carpet Care and Maintenance

Keeping your carpet clean and fresh is important and it is even easy. The first thing is actually selecting the right vacuum and learning how to use it properly. This part is important in maintaining your carpet life. The main things you will need with cleaning you […]

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Sand and Refinish hardwood flooring

Sand and Refinish hardwood flooring One of the advantages of purchasing hardwood flooring is that you can sand and refinish it after several years to restore it’s original luster. There are 3 main times you would want to consider when sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors: 1) […]

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Need new flooring for your new home?

If you are moving into a new home and want to get new flooring installed after you settle on your new home, but before you move in, give me a call to discuss the steps to ensure you have a smooth process. Typically, it is a good […]

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How to determine what flooring type is right for you?

I get asked many times when consumers first start looking for new flooring “what is the best kind of flooring?” There is no wrong answer…and there is no right answer. It really depends on several factors…not the least of which is your budget. I always suggest to […]

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Can new hardwood increase the value of your home?

Why install new hardwood flooring in your home if you are going to sell it? Great question. I’m not a REALTOR®, so I cannot tell you for sure one way or the other. Way I can tell you is what Realtors I work with tell me. And […]

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Where can I buy hardwood in Howard County, Maryland

Red Oak? Maple? Birch? White Oak? There are many species to choose from…so which species is best for your new flooring? The simple answer is…whichever one you like the most that fits into your budget. The species has as much to do with the look as anything […]

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Top 5 flooring questions

If I have had these questions asked once… I have had them asked a million times. Here are the top 5 questions I get about the purchase of new flooring. 1) I want the carpet that will “wear” the best. Can you show me that? When it […]

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Do I need new flooring to sell my house?

I specialize in quick installations for the real estate industry and work with many REALTOR’s and their clients to help prepare there home for market. It’s easy to say…new carpet adds to the “curb appeal” of your home, but the dollars and “sense” part is the intent of […]

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Where can I buy carpet in Howard County, Maryland

So your looking for carpet? What kind? Not sure? Don’t know where to look? Too many options? Who do I trust? All good questions…for sure it is a challenge to be a consumer looking for new carpet. I deal with this everyday, and my goal is to […]

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